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Heraklion Aquarium Thalassokosmos
Heraklion Archaelogical Museum
founded in 1883. Initially, when it was still simply a collection of antiquities an more ancient..
The famous Heraklion Museum was
Welcome to Heraklion visitor guide.

Heraklion Crete, the history of the city Heraklion dates from the Neolithic period. The monuments found in the area testify to the rich past of the Minoan, Byzantine and Venetian periods. Today the city has a population of 150,000 people, the fourth biggest in Greece.

Because of its geographic position, Heraklion affords an ideal starting-off point for the visitor to explore the sights of the island. One can easily access via Heraklion the major holiday resorts of the island: places like Matalla, beautiful beaches of Agia Pelagia, the greenery of Arhanes also noisy Mallia and finally Hersonissos famous for its buzzing night life. The Europe cruise ships dock in Chania, but there are several ferries available to take passengers into Heraklion.

History lovers can enjoy the main archaeological monuments of Crete like the ancient city of Knossos, the archaeological site of Faistos and the ancient village-town of Arhanes situated near Heraklion. 

Its rich history, beautiful natural surroundings coupled with the mediterraenean climate make Heraklion an ideal holiday destination for the last 40 years.
Heraklion Airport
Heraklion - Koules Fort
On the western pier of Heraklion harbour is esconced a formidable Venetian fort.
During Venetian rule it was known as Ricca a mare or Castello a mare, meaning fort of the seas.